sábado, 6 de febrero de 2016

Happy new year of the Monkey


Hi friends, we are closed from Feb. 7th - 9th, and will be back on Wednesday the 10th. May the new year bring everyone lots of joy and prosperity!


lunes, 18 de enero de 2016

Flamenco at La Caja de Musica Sat 23th

Hi Friends:
This coming January ,Saturday 23th have the chance to enjoy the passion of the flamenco , this special night we will be take by the hand of Sergio Muñoz( guitarrist) , Beta Chen and Marisa Chen (Bailaoras,Dancers), and Isabel Lin (Cantaora, Voice ) to have a trip around some diferent flamenco styles (palos), alegrias, bulerias , tangos...

Dont miss this event , is cold outside but ur heart will turn on the flame with this performance. 

佛拉明哥是一門藝術起源於西班牙南部受西班牙傳統民謠、阿拉伯、猶太 、以及吉卜賽 。現在主要搭配吉他、跳舞和吟唱。 我們要在佛拉明哥主要的曲式(palos)中遨遊,比如說alegrias、bulerias、tangos等等。 樂手:舞者:Beta Chen, Marisa Chen 歌手:Isabel Lin 吉他手:Sergio Muñoz

 The performance will start at 20:30, ticket fee is 300 Nt, with a beer or soda included if do you want join the event on facebook push here