viernes, 12 de enero de 2018

Tablao Flamenco, 20th January, La Caja de Musica

Flamenco, originated in Andalucia, Southern Spain, is a culture connected to everyday life and personal emotions. Traditional flamenco consists of 3 main elements, Song (Cante), Dance (Baile) and Guitar (Toque/Guitarra). The songs are usually deep with sadness and melancholy, accompanying profound guitar. Dancers present various feelings or emotions by body, arms and footwork. Tablao is one style of flamenco performance from 1970 and audience can experience in close distance. La caja de musica is one of the best place in Taipei City you can enjoy Flamenco performance. Loli Lee, dancer, devotes herself to flamenco for more than 15 years. She keeps learning and leading students to understand more flamenco dance and culture. Patty Chao & Chia-Chen Wu, new generations dancers, follow Loli Lee for years and they will present their own choreography, accompanying Poyin Chen, one of the major flamenco signers in Taiwan, and Chuyi Chen, the experienced cajon player. Hope you can enjoy the Flamenco night!

佛朗明哥flamenco來自西班牙南方的安達魯西亞,是一門屬於市井小民勞動人口的文化,吟唱的是柴米油鹽,抒發的是生活中的點滴情感傳統的佛朗明哥包含了三個重要的元素:歌吉他歌聲通常渾厚低沈且充滿滄桑感,吉他刷弦蒼勁有力舞者皺著眉頭急速跺地Tablao文化為七八零年代興起的表演形式,讓觀眾能以最近的距離感受到台上表演者的一舉一動樂盒子即是臺北城中,最適合觀看flameco演出的場所之一 表演與教學經驗超過15年以上的舞者李容棻(Loli Lee),多年來持續不斷地修習flamenco舞蹈與文化,除了追尋最原汁原味的flamenco,也堅持自我編創,強調個人情感與特質來展現獨特性,近年來更致力於引領學員成為獨當一面的舞者趙家沛(Patty Chao)與吳佳蓁(chiachen Wu)即為新生代舞者當中的佼佼者,三位舞者皆為本次演出創作最新舞作,搭配台灣首屈一指的森林系歌手陳柏因(Poyin Chen),與來自西班牙巴賽隆那,琴藝精湛的青年吉他手,以及木箱鼓新秀陳竹儀Chuyi Chen 為觀眾帶來最淋漓盡致的佛朗明哥之夜佛朗明哥flamenco來自西班牙南方的安達魯西亞,是一門屬於市井小民勞動人口的文化,吟唱的是柴米油鹽,抒發的是生活中的點滴情感傳統的佛朗明哥包含了三個重要的元素:歌吉他歌聲通常渾厚低沈且充滿滄桑感,吉他刷弦蒼勁有力舞者皺著眉頭急速跺地Tablao文化為七八零年代興起的表演形式,讓觀眾能以最近的距離感受到台上表演者的一舉一動樂盒子即是臺北城中,最適合觀看flameco演出的場所之一 表演與教學經驗超過15年以上的舞者李容棻(Loli Lee),多年來持續不斷地修習flamenco舞蹈與文化,除了追尋最原汁原味的flamenco,也堅持自我編創,強調個人情感與特質來展現獨特性,近年來更致力於引領學員成為獨當一面的舞者趙家沛(Patty Chao)與吳佳蓁(chiachen Wu)即為新生代舞者當中的佼佼者,三位舞者皆為本次演出創作最新舞作,搭配台灣首屈一指的森林系歌手陳柏因(Poyin Chen),以及木箱鼓新秀陳竹儀Chuyi Chen 為觀眾帶來最淋漓盡致的佛朗明哥之夜

The performance begin at 20.30 , Tickets on Door 300NTD with a beer or soda included.

lunes, 1 de enero de 2018

Kim Yang , Welcome back! 6th January@LaCajadeMusica

This Saturday we will have somebody so special , not just because she is a amazing songwriter and singer, even because she is a old friend , and i seriously say dont miss this night in or lovely corner
La Caja de Musica.

Kim Yang is an acoustic songstress and an aspiring songwriter. Inspired by female vocalists like Sarah McLachlan, Colbie Caillat, Adele and Regina Spektor, Kim has brought her melodious and ethereal warm voice from her hometown of Taipei to the cafes and streets of Canberra. Kim plays both ukulele and guitar to accompany her vocals.

Since developing a passion for music at an early age, Kim has shared her voice everywhere from intimate bookshops to national television. In 2009 Kim gained national attention in Taiwan when appearing on one episode of a talent show, she was offered a record deal afterwards. From 2007 to 2009 Kim worked with well-known YouTube musicians such as Kris Shred, Doctor Castille, Clint Hollison and Leroy Sanchez. Their collaborations gained global attention in the early YouTube music community. Kim still has a faithful following on YouTube for her cover songs.

Kim settled in Canberra and rediscovered her love of music in 2015. That same year Kim joined a local acoustic trio The Accents and started performing at cafes. In 2016 Kim bought a ukulele and started her solo musical journey on the streets and in markets. She has also collaborated with several local Canberra artists and played at the Aviary Rooftop Bar, Transit Bar, the Front Gallery, the Well at UC and Smith's Alternative. Kim is currently working on songwriting as well as compositions, she looks forward to sharing them with her audience.

Kim maintains that music is best shared and is always looking for creative partners, inspiring teachers, and opportunities to spread her voice.

Kim Yang will be performance Saturday 6th in La Caja de Musica, from 19.00, free enter, just minimun consumition.

If you cant wait to listen this wonderfull voice, you can get amazed here!