jueves, 16 de julio de 2015

Little break! Summer Vacations!

Dear friends:

La Caja de Musica will take a little break from July 19th to July 23th these days we will not open.

Ramses one  of the owners will go to Spain next week to visit his family friends and of course bring new ideas and good products (hope some Iberic Ham )!!

In the other hand the  rest of team  will open as usual from July 24th Friday!

If you want make a reservation please do it as usual e-mail to taipei.cjm@gmail.com, you can also call to Luis 0975330741 or Alberto 0979416680.

During his holidays Ramses will be reachable on LINE (line ID :RDCN) 

Thank you all we hope you are passing a very nice summer too wherever you are.

jueves, 18 de junio de 2015

Friday Flamenco Night!! June 26th

Dear all:

 La Caja de Musica  thanks all the people in Taipei who enjoy the Spanish culture and come to our restaurant for  the food or for the music and we hope the passion for the Flamenco in Taiwan will  go further and further. We want make our litlle stage  part of this  inviting as much  artists as we can, everybody is welcome!!

Friday night June 26th La Caja de Musica presents another Flamenco trio Sergio Muñoz Allue spanish flamenco guitar player who in this occasion come with Beta Chen (dancer) and the singer Isabel Liwan Lin.

Ticket fee 300nt with a beer or soda included. Join the event here!