jueves, 11 de septiembre de 2014

The String Bean Party and The Vicious Cabaret , Saturday 20th

- is Jared Rust & Serena Engel
The String Bean Party takes a platform of old-time musical traditions by harmonizing, picking, strumming, and plucking a mix of folk, bluegrass, country-western, ragtime and early jazz & blues . Party members include Jared Rust on guitar, ukulele, and vocals, and Serena Engel on cello and vocals.


來自加拿大的Mojo,是一位相當有天份的音樂表演者,演奏多種樂器,擁有純熟的歌唱技巧,以及大量的詞曲創作能力。Mojo在其家安大略省的渥太華市,長期和當地創作型音樂家們一起合作,在各種場合演奏音樂。與加拿大樂團-The Boys of Bytown合作發行了一張雙語專輯(英法),名稱為:Portages。到台灣之後,她保持繼續詞曲創作,也嘗試與不同的音樂家合作。目前,主要與樂手Andy Goode 一起進行民謠二重唱的音樂創作。在台灣,Andy所屬的二個重搖滾樂團 -The DoLittles Peaks,頗具有相當的知名度。 Andy擁有吉他憑藉著自彈自唱的功力烙下了堅強實力,並巧妙的與現代英式民謠作一個結合。Mojo
Andy兩人組成了: The Vicious Cabaret,合力創作了混民謠和爵士樂曲風的音樂,廣泛地使用不同樂器:吉他,烏克麗麗,手風琴,單簧管,木琴和曼陀林。

Mojo is a multi-instrumentalist and singer-songwriter from Canada. She has collaborated in various ensembles and with other singer-songwriters in her hometown, Ottawa, Ontario. With the members of the Boys of Bytown in Canada, she released a first bilingual album, Portages. Having set foot in Taiwan, she continues to write songs and accompany other musicians. She is currently focusing on her collaboration in a new and invigorating folk duo with Andy Goode. Although he's better known as the hard-rocking front man for Taiwan bands The DoLittles and Peaks, Andy is an accomplished acoustic guitarist with a solid grounding in modern English folk music and arrangement. Mojo & Andy's musical project incorporates folk and jazz influences and utilizes a wide variety of instruments including guitar, ukelele, accordion, clarinet and xylophone.

Concert start at 20.30 ,  ticket fee 250 with a beer or soda included.

domingo, 17 de agosto de 2014

We are in Hollidays, we will open again in September 5th

We will be closed from August 17th to September 5th. We will have a great vacations for you all!!